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Breakfast table in the wellness hotel

An energising breakfast for a lively start to the day

Nourishment for body and soul

Breathe in the sweet scent of summer as the morning breeze caresses your skin. Or sink into a soft chair at the breakfast table with a cup of aromatic coffee in hand and the soft winter light on your face.

Bowl of fresh melon, peach and passion fruit at the Genusshotel

Start your morning with breakfast on the Terrazza degli Ulivi terrace and indulge in a selection of local delicacies that will give you a little boost for the day ahead.

Seasonal fruit, pastries from the pasticceria. Farm-fetched eggs and fresh milk. Bread made by hand according to Nonna’s recipe, served with Italian cheese and sausage specialties. And don’t forget the indispensable aroma of coffee. Whether you’re served at the table or dine buffet-style, this is the ultimate taste of the Lake Garda region.

Covered tables outside with a view of Lake Garda
Fresh bread slices in the bread basket at the Gourmet Hotel
Breakfast table with waffle with strawberries on it at the Genusshotel
Fresh figs at the Gourmet Hotel
Person has a croissant at the breakfast table

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