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Teapot with Herbal Tea at Lake Garda Hotel

Relaxation rooms with a spa library and tea corner

The sense of taste

Stay hydrated and regenerate your cells. Nourish your soul and stimulate your mind. A selection of natural, high-quality ingredients in absolute harmony with the environment – and the body.

Person with bathrobe drinks tea in the wellness hotel Lake Garda

The pleasure of herbal tea

Aromatic herbs, dried flowers and exquisite blends for warmth that comes from within. Accompanied by seasonal fruit, nuts, almonds and other delicacies – a tea corner that infuses your body with goodness.

Relaxation room in the luxury wellness hotel

Soothing silence in the relaxation rooms

Plenty of space for well-being and relaxation. Simply let your body and mind slow down and rest – in absolute silence and deep serenity.

Spa Library at the Wellness Hotel Lake Garda

Between the bookshelves of the spa library

Travel guides, magazines, newspapers, novels and recommended reading: the bookshelves of the spa library contain stories, photographs and reading material to browse through and immerse yourself in. To tantalise the mind and stimulate the intellect.

Space to slow down: read a book, sip tea, listen to the silence.
Seating Lounge at the Wellness Hotel Lake Garda 5 Stars
Spa library with sofas in a 5-star wellness hotel
Relaxation room with loungers in the wellness hotel
Chairs in Spa Library in Wellness Hotel

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