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The genuine flavours of the lakeside

Authentic Italian cuisine – traditional recipes and bold compositions

Vivid colours reflect the surrounding nature. Intense flavours tell tales of the region’s farms. Hand-picked vegetables, transformed with love into traditional dishes – and refined with a pinch of Italian extravagance. This cuisine tastes best when enjoyed on the panoramic terrace overlooking the lake.

„I find inspiration in my surroundings, in regional products, unique flavours and the beauty of the landscape. The place leads me to the dish.“ – Chef Francesco Pavan

Francesco Pavan, head chef at the Cape of Senses gourmet hotel, is a versatile and highly skilled chef. His experience in some of the best kitchens in Italy and beyond has shaped his forward-thinking, determined and mindful approach to cooking. Francesco is both nostalgic and curious, and he loves to create dishes that highlight the unique characteristics of each ingredient. His attention to detail and joy in simplicity are what define his dishes.

Colourful flavour arrangements with a view of Lake Garda

Honest flavours, intense colours and bold compositions. A cuisine naturally inspired by Italian lightness and the freshness of the lake, which turns the simplest recipes into something very special. To be savoured with a view of the lake in the sunshine or by moonlight.

Where the morning smells of citrus fruits, olives and coffee

Invigorate both your senses and your body – above Lake Garda, where the morning breeze gently rustles the olive leaves.

Intoxicated by the scent of summer, enchanted by the clarity of winter. Peacefully sipping a cup of coffee – or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Starting your day on the Terrazza degli Ulivi terrace is easy and enjoyable. Whether you help yourself at the buffet or are served at the table, every day is a treat on your 5-star gourmet holiday.

Panorama Restaurant Al Tramonto

Innovative cuisine, modern and refined

The highest form of Italian culinary art: the Restaurant Al Tramonto offers sophisticated cuisine – expertise combined with local ingredients. The focus is always on the essence of the dish, resulting in delicate flavours, Mediterranean lightness and seasonal vegetables – at their best when the sun sets behind the mountains.

Osteria La Pergola

Honest traditional cuisine to enjoy together

Authentic flavours, classic recipes and regional delicacies: with its inviting panoramic terrace and traditional dishes, the Osteria La Pergola invites you to rediscover Italian culinary tradition. An ode to simple enjoyment in the best company.

A Vespa ride, a gourmet picnic in an olive grove, a trip on a sailboat – a delight for all the senses.

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