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The inseparable union of body and mind

Holistic Wellness for the senses

An extensive spa area for profound harmony. A powerful, sensorial place – for mental, spiritual and physical balance.


A garden with a far-reaching view

In touch with your surroundings. Sitting beneath an olive tree, gazing at the shimmering blue lake. Watching the sky as it brightens, with your toes in the cool grass. The essential connection between humankind and nature – like that between body and mind.


Saunas and pools

The aroma of essential oils in the warmth of the sauna. The scent of lemon and the coolness of the pool water. Tension dissipates, bringing moments of profound calm.


Spa treatments

The feeling of skilled hands on your skin, accompanied by soft music and the scent of nature. For deep relaxation.


Relaxation areas with a spa library and tea corner

Dried flowers and tea leaves infused in hot water. The silence of the relaxation rooms all around. Nothing but the rasp of book pages and the murmur of the self. For balance that comes from within.


Yoga, meditation and fitness

Start the day with the meditative silence of a yoga session. End it with a workout in the gym. Or vice versa. Total satisfaction. Balance for body and mind.

Dive into a world of well-being for the senses

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