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Hotel on Lake Garda secret tip with indoor pool

Saunas & pools

The sense of smell

Lavender, citrus, thyme – intense, refreshing, Mediterranean. Scents that pervade spaces and intoxicate the senses. Wrapped in the warmth of the sauna, immersed in the coolness of the pool.

Lake Garda Hotel Sauna with Pool

Steam and heat

Let your body relax in the sauna. Breathe deeply in the bio sauna. Pamper your skin in the steam bath. And awaken your senses in the experience shower. Tension disappears, and a sense of lightness emerges.

Sunset infinity pool at Lake Garda Hotel

An infinity pool with a view of Lake Garda

The light blue of the sky, the dark blue of the lake, the transparency of the water. Immerse yourself in the landscape and swim towards the horizon. Lie by the poolside and sip Franciacorta. Let the wonders of nature engulf you.

 Woman diving in Hotel Lake Garda pool

​​Swimming lengths in the sports pool

Intense blue, powerful water. Immerse yourself in the colours of nature and swim soothing lengths under the open sky. Weightlessness – morning, noon and evening.

​​An invigorating place. Here it is easy to surrender to the freshness of the pools and the warmth of the saunas.
Sauna Infusion Pot at the Lake Garda Hotel
Woman in the swimming pool bird's eye view at the Hotel Garda Lake
Person leaks water over shoulder at Luxury Resort Hotel
Sun loungers next to the pool at the hotel on Lake Garda
Person taps their fingertip into the water in the Lake Garda Hotel

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